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The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trails: Are You Brave Enough to Try Them?



Hiking is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. For some, hiking is a leisurely stroll through nature; for others, it’s a challenging hike up a steep mountain. There are hiking trails all over the world that offer hikers beautiful views and a sense of accomplishment when they reach the end. Whichever category you may fall into, there are some hiking trails that are definitely not for the faint of heart. These trails are not for the faint of heart – they’re steep, rugged, and often covered in slippery ice and snow. These dangerous hiking trails can be found all over the world, and range in difficulty from moderately challenging to downright deadly. 

There are hundreds of people who die every year while hiking in the world. Many of those deaths could be prevented by taking a few simple precautions and using common sense while hiking. However, some trails are simply more dangerous than others and should only be attempted by experienced hikers in good physical condition. The trails on this list are considered to be the world’s most dangerous hiking trails.

The Maze: USA

Picture by Wikimedia

When most people think of hiking, they imagine peaceful trails through pristine forests or stunning mountain vistas. However, there is another side to hiking – one that involves treacherous paths and dangerous wildlife. For the most adventurous hikers, there is no better place to explore than the Maze in Utah, USA. This region is considered the most dangerous hike in the world and is visited by tourists who are often afraid of the narrow trails and steep cliffs.  It’s known for its many tall peaks and stunning views. 

Despite its dangers, the Maze offers hikers an unparalleled experience. The area is vast and remote, with few signs of civilization visible from the trails. The landscape is made up of towering sandstone cliffs, twisted canyons, and wide-open plateaus. Wildlife is abundant and includes everything from coyotes and deer to rattlesnakes and black bears.

Huashan: China

Picture by flickr

Huashan is a mountain located in the Shaanxi province of China. HuaShan is considered one of the most dangerous hikes in the world and is visited by tourists who are often afraid to do the hike. As a popular tourist destination in Shaanxi Province, Hua Shan mountain attracts visitors from home and abroad with its wonderful sceneries. Hua Shan is one of the five sacred mountains in China, with an elevation of 2,154 meters. It has a unique landscape with peaks and ridges poking up in all directions.

What makes Hua Shan so charming is that you can enjoy different views of the mountain at different heights. For example, at the east foot of the mountain, you can have a close view of the steep supports and clusters of rocks; while on the ridge, you can have a panoramic view of the stunning mountains and beautiful valleys. The hike to the top of HuaShan is very steep, and there are sections where hikers must use chains to help them climb up the mountain. There are also areas where hikers must walk on narrow ridges with a sheer drop-off on either side. Besides, there are many interesting places to explore on Hua Shan, such as the Cloud Terrace Scenic Area and Flying Fox Valley.

Striding Edge: England

Picture by flickr

In the North Cascades of Washington State, there is a hiking trail that skirts the edge of a cliff, providing hikers with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The Striding Edge trail is a 6-mile hike that starts at the Heather Meadows visitor center and ends at Picture Lake. The Striding Edge is one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. Located in the country region of England, it is a top hiking trail visited by tourists who are often afraid of its beautiful but treacherous landscape. The hike consists of a narrow ridge with a sheer drop on either side, making it easy to lose your balance and fall. In fact, the trail has claimed many lives over the years. Visitors should consider themselves very lucky if they make it to the other end without incident. The trail is narrow and steep, with sections that require hikers to skip across narrow, steep supports in order to continue on the route. 

The view from the edge of the cliff is simply stunning, with mountains stretching out in all directions. The trail itself is also quite beautiful, with wildflowers blooming in the meadows and forests below. Hiking this trail provides a unique opportunity to experience both the natural beauty of the area and the thrill of walking on a narrow path high above the ground.

Giro del Sorapiss: Italy

Picture by Wikimedia

The Giro del Sorapiss is a famed hike in the Dolomites mountain range in northeastern Italy. Considered by many to be the most dangerous hike in the world, it is nonetheless a popular tourist destination, with visitors coming from far and wide to experience its thrills. It’s a steep and narrow path that zigzags through the mountains, with stunning views of the surrounding peaks. The route is about 12 kilometers long, and it can be enjoyed by hikers and mountain climbers alike. The trail winds up a narrow valley, crossing over precarious bridges and past sheer cliffs, before culminating in a spectacular view of the surrounding peaks. The highlight of the route is a section where you have to skip from one narrow support to another in order to cross a deep ravine. While the hike is not for the faint of heart, those who make it to the top are rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

Cascade Saddle: New Zealand

Picture by flickr

Cascade Saddle is a mountain pass located in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. It is a popular tourist destination, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. When hikers think of the most dangerous hikes in the world, the Cascade Saddle trail in New Zealand is often one of the first places that come to mind. The trail winds through a remote and rugged region of the country, and it’s considered so dangerous that many tourists are afraid to attempt it. Even experienced hikers can find themselves in danger on this trail, as it’s easy to lose your way or stumble into a hazardous area.

The route to the saddle is narrow and steep, with many precarious sections that require hikers to skip or jump across narrow supports. Looking out from the saddle, the view is simply stunning. The mountains are so close that you feel as if you could reach out and touch them, while the route below seems to skip through a narrow, steep support. It’s easy to see why this spot is so popular with hikers and mountain climbers; the views are truly breathtaking. For those who love heights, Cascade Saddle is a real treat. It’s possible to wander along the narrow path skirting the edge of the cliff, taking in the stunning view of the mountains laid out before you. There’s nothing quite like standing on a high peak and feeling like you’re king or queen of all you survey! Of course, Cascade Saddle is not for everyone; it can be a bit scary for those who don’t like heights.

Kalalau Trail: Hawaii

Picture by flickr

The Kalalau Trail on the Hawaiian island of Kauai is considered one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. The Kalalau Trail is a hike located on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. The hike is 11 miles long and takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Tourists are often afraid of heights, and this trail has plenty of steep drops with no railings. The trail is also quite narrow in some places, which can make it difficult to pass other hikers. 

Despite the dangers, the Kalalau Trail is also one of the most beautiful hikes in the country. It winds through lush jungle and crosses over several stunning waterfalls. It includes steep cliffs and narrow passages that require hikers to skip from one support to another. Despite these challenges, the trail is popular with tourists and locals alike, who enjoy its beauty and peacefulness. The views from the top are worth all the effort it takes to reach them. The Kalalau Trail is definitely not for everyone, but if you’re up for a challenge and don’t mind heights, it’s well worth a visit. Just be sure to take caution and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Drakensberg Grand Traverse: South Africa, and Lesotho

The Drakensberg Grand Traverse is a hike that takes you through the countries of South Africa and Lesotho. The Drakensberg Grand Traverse begins in South Africa’s Northern Drakensberg Mountains, and ends in Lesotho’s Maluti Mountains. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous hikes in the world, and it is visited by tourists who are often afraid of its challenging terrain. The hike can take anywhere from 10-14 days, and it covers a distance of about 220 kilometers. 

The hike begins at Monks Cowl in South Africa. From there, hikers make their way up to the summit of Champagne Castle, which offers amazing views of the surrounding area. From Champagne Castle, hikers cross into Lesotho and make their way to Thabana Ntlenyana, which is the highest mountain in Southern Africa. The hike traverses high mountain passes, river valleys, and rural villages. It is not an easy hike, as it involves crossing snow-capped peaks, scrambling up rocky cliffs, and wading through fast-flowing rivers.

Huayna Picchu: Peru

Picture by flickr

The Inca Trail, also known as Camino Inka or Qhapaq Ñan, is a 43 km ancient footpath that links the Sacred Valley of the Incas with Machu Picchu. The trail passes through an amazing variety of climates and ecosystems, from the high Andean peaks to the Amazon rainforest. As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Peru, it attracts thousands of hikers each year.

One of the most popular side trips on the Inca Trail is Huayna Picchu, which offers stunning views of Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountains. This route involves a steep climb up a narrow path with steep supports, but the view is well worth it. The hike takes about 2-3 hours round trip and can be quite strenuous, so it is not recommended for those who are not in good shape. However, the beautiful views and sense of accomplishment upon reaching the top make it well worth the effort. For those who are looking for a more adventurous hike, Huayna Picchu is definitely worth considering.

Kokoda Track: Papua New Guinea

The Kokoda Track is a 96-kilometer (60-mile) footpath that runs through the Owen Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea, which is known for its extremely rugged terrain. The track is often called “the track of tears” as it was used by the Australian and United States troops to fight the Japanese in World War II. During World War II, more than 1,000 people died in it. The track is narrow and steep, with stunning views of the mountains and rainforest. It is an important route for the locals, who use it to travel between villages. Life on the Kokoda Track is hard, but also beautiful. Despite the dangers, the track is a popular destination for hikers and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Daikiretto Traverse: Japan

Picture by Wikimedia

When most people think of Japan, they think of bustling cities and highly advanced societies. What many people don’t know is that Japan is also home to some incredibly dangerous hiking trails. The Daikiretto Traverse in the country’s central region is considered by many to be the most dangerous hike in the world, and it’s often visited by tourists who are afraid of heights. The hike winds through narrow canyons and past cliffs that drop off into nothingness.

The trail winds its way up a narrow mountain path, with steep drops on either side. At times, hikers have to use ropes to help them navigate the tricky terrain. The views from the top are simply breathtaking, but they come at a price – many hikers have lost their lives on this treacherous trail. The route is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Japan, and it’s no wonder why – the landscape is constantly changing, with new peaks and valleys to explore around every corner. If you’re looking for an adventure, and you’re not afraid of heights, then the Daikiretto Traverse is definitely worth considering.       

How To Stay Safe While Hiking These Trails

There are a few things to take into consideration while hiking these trails. First and foremost, be aware of your surroundings and be prepared for anything. Make sure you’re familiar with the route before you start hiking—know what to expect and where the dangerous areas are. Always bring plenty of food and water, as well as a first-aid kit. dress in layers, as the temperature can change rapidly when hiking at high altitudes. Wear sturdy shoes with good traction, and never hike alone. If you’re planning to skip through narrow or steep sections, make sure it’s safe to do so and that there’s solid support underneath you—never take risks when hiking. Take in the stunning views of the mountains while enjoying this beautiful experience—but always stay safe!

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